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Virtue of services

Rustom Villa was huge. The owner of the Villa had built eight flats in it. He was very particular about the cleanliness of the Villa. The lawn was green and big enough that all children from the Villa could play there. There was a road in front of the Villa and on the other side of the road, there was a huge ground which used to turn muddy in summers and green during monsoons.
For the people living in the surrounding villas, this ground doubled up as a parking area. This society, which is called Anand Nagar, is located near two good schools and three-four medical centres with good facilities which were needed by the people every few days. These were some of the reasons why the residents of Rustom Villa and some other nearby Villas had permanently settled there. Since these families had been living in the same neighborhood for years, they had formed a bond and knew each other intimately and would meet each other during some festival or event. Ajay and Shahid lived in the Rustom Villa. The walls of their houses were adjacent. Ajay and Shahid were almost similar in height and looks. Other families in the Villa too had children. They too were Shahid and Ajay’s friends but Shahid and Ajay were best friends. Both were in the fourth standard. School was near their house so they would go to the school together and come back together. Ajay was an only child while Shahid had a four year old younger sister- Ayesha. This year after school results are declared, she would get admitted to Class one and then she too would go to school with Shahid. All three will go together. Now she goes one hour after them and comes home an hour earlier. Since the kids of Junior and senior K.G. are too young, their school timings are shorter. When the three of them are together, it doesn’t seem as if they are from different families. Ayesha considers Ajay her brother and calls him Bhai.
Ajay’s father is a Medical Representative and his mother is a nurse in a hospital. Both jobs are very physically and mentally tiring. His father has to stay out of the city for even two or three days sometimes. And the job of a nurse is never easy or comfortable. They only have one bright spot. The hospital has given Ajay’s mother a day shift so that she can take care of her kid and family.
Shahid’s Abba has his own business and his Ammi does not work. Looking after the house is not any less demanding. She roams the flat the entire day like a fox. Sometimes Shahid asks her, “Ammi you get so tired doing household work all day. You say too – I am tired of all this. Think about Ajay’s mummy …she has to go to the hospital too…”
“I know son. She is very brave but everyone cannot be like her.”
“Why Ammi? Why can’t everyone be like her?”
“Son, Allah does not make everyone similar. He makes angels too…Ajay’s mother is an Angel.” saying this, Shahid’s Ammi put her right hand under the left shoulder and pushed. Her face clouded with pain. Shahid asked, “What’s wrong Ammi?”
“Nothing son, this hurts a little.”
“Why does it hurt?”
“I don’t know dear….”
Shahid looked at his mother. He though that his Ammi too is an angel.
Next day while going to school Shahid told Ajay, “Your mother is an Angel.”
“What is an Angel?”
“I don’t know. Ammi says that. These days Ammi has pain here.” He pointed towards the place below his left shoulder.
In the evening when Ajay’s mummy returned from the hospital, Ajay insisted, “Mummy please see Shahid’s Ammi. She is in a lot of pain…”
“What happened to your aunty? Tell her to come to the hospital….”
“No, let’s go now…look at her…aunty says you are an angel…mummy what is an Angel?”
“I don’t know. Ok, let’s go and see your aunty.”
Ajay clutched his mother’s hand and entered Shahid’s flat. Ajay’s mother asked Shahid’s Ammi to get a full checkup done in the hospital. Shahid’s Ammi kept refusing – “It’s nothing… just a little pain, why get a full check up for that?: But Ajay’s mother convinced her and she has agreed. Shahid’s Ammi will go to the hospital tomorrow.
Several tests were done in the hospital. Shahid’s Ammi has been admitted. It has been found in the test that it is important to change a valve in her heart. She would have to stay in the hospital for many days. Ajay too has found out. He is standing in front of his mother, “Mummy, you are Angel! Will you make Shahid and Ayesha’s tiffin too?”
Ajay’s mother is looking at her son and thinking that he too is an Angel.
Questions related to the story:
Q1. What disease did Shahid’s Ammi have?
Q2. Who are angels?
Q3. Where do Shahid and Ajay live?
Q4. What kind of relation should we have with our neighbours?
Q5. Who helps us during need?