Number System

Are you preparing for campus placements,Banking,SSC, IAS, Insurance,Defence and other competitive exams? Then, make sure to take some time in practicing the Number System questions and answer in Quantitative Aptitude. Moreover, only those questions are included that are relevant and likely to be asked in any competitive exam. So, take these questions and answer, brush up your skills and practice to stay fully prepared for any your exam.

  • Q71.Directions for question : A survey conducted on basis of readership of newspapers. 60% of people read HT, 50% of people read TOI, 30% of people read TH, 30% of people read HT and TOI, 20% of people reads TOI and TH and 10% of people reads HT and TH and 10% of people reads all the three kinds. Then answer the question.
    How many times the digit 7 appears between the range 100 – 475?

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