Computer Awareness Practice Questions

Bank Clerk Computer Awareness questions will give you the overview of the final exam and the types of questions being asked. Further, you will be able to solve the questions within the given time period. This will increase your chances of cracking the exam on the first go. Start practising with this practice set and judge your skills at every level. This will definitely give you an upper hand in the competition. Importantly, the test paper covers all the section wise questions, which have the maximum probability of being asked in the final exam.

  • Question 1

    You put the files that you want to delete from your system in ….......… folder
  • Question 2

    Which among the following is a feature that changes the display once the user is away from the computer?
  • Question 3

    To .......….. means to call up information from memory of a computer
  • Question 4

    Plotter is an example of –
  • Question 5

    A Computer in a network is known as –
  • Question 6

    Which among the following is very important to use when you want to connect with other computers via network protocols?
  • Question 7

    The transformation of one image into another is known as –
  • Question 8

    Which among the following is used by only the employees of a private organization?
  • Question 9

    HTTP is mainly used for –
  • Question 10

    Which among the following is used to connect multiple computers to a LAN?
  • Question 11

    Which among the following defines gopher in the context of computers?
  • Question 12

    Which among the following is true regarding flash memory?
  • Question 13

    Ethernet card is used for which among the following purposes?
  • Question 14

    Which among the following is the unit of the resolution of a printer?
  • Question 15

    The speed of a computer is measured in –
  • Question 16

    You computer has crashed means which among the following?
  • Question 17

    A Cookie is defined as –
  • Question 18

    ….....….. is a pathway through which electronic signals travel between various components of a computer
  • Question 19

    Which among the following may be responsible for a program producing undesirable results?
  • Question 20

    Which among the following is concerned with the way input devices and operation systems work together?